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John J. Hagedorn

John has been drumming for his whole life and practicing group facilitation for his entire career.
He has been studying drum circle facilitation since 2005.  With 25 years of corporate training experience,
John turns the drum circle metaphor into a meaningful, hands-on learning experience for organizations
in Malaysia and throughout the Asian region.  He is the first drum circle facilitator in Malaysia to be certified
by Village Music Circles, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, and the only one to receive an endorsement from
the Remo drum company, Valencia, CA. USA. 



Rhonwyn Hagedorn fac

Rhonwyn Hagedorn

Rhonwyn is a social entrepreneur running a rural community development enterprise.
She has studied drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull since she was 11 years old.
In 2015, Rhonwyn was recognized by Village Music Circles, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, as the youngest certified drum circle facilitator
Rhonwyn has facilitated drum circles for many corporate groups in addition to running rhythm classes for home-schooled kids,
children's rhythm classes, and wellness sessions for people with Parkinson's disease.
She is certified by Remo drum company, Valencia, CA, USA to conduct the HealthRHYTHMS protocol.

VMC certhealthRHYTHMS


Terry fac

Terry Pain

Terry is a trainer for Malaysia Airlines Berhad.  She has been actively involved with drum circle facilitation
since 2012.  In addition to creatively bringing drums and rhythm interventions into her training programs for flight attendants,
Terry has also facilitated drum circles for kids and for women's groups.
Terry is a Mentor trainer for Village Music Circles.


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Leon Ling

Leon Ling - Coordinator, Sibu, Sarawak


Preet Kalsi - Coordinator, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Solinda Bautista

Solinda Bautista - Coordinator, Manila Philippines

Ross Cain

Ross Cain - Coordinator, Bangkok, Thailand


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